Healthy! Yes or No?

the last blog I posted I named The Poor Mans Salad, this one was close to being called The Poor Mans Vegan Burger!

I went for the above title because the burger is refined and pre-made and chips are so far removed from a potatoe it is almost rude to associate the chip with the potatoe and I’m pretty sure the quantity of tomatoes in tomatoe ketchup is slim, but on the other side of the scales is kale, wild rocket from the garden, black sesame seeds, sea salt and fresh salad topping, so What constitutes healthy?

Now I’m a fan of the Raw Food Chef Russel James and have made amazing Raw Food Burgers amongst other delights, but times have changed for me and I have tightened my purse strings so to speak and therefor I do the best I can with the time and finances available to me.

Many will be in a similar situation and I hope this arrives at your door like a breath of fresh air because I have found after being both a carnivore see food western diet eater and a 100% Raw Food Vegan; you can balance your diet and remain super strong, super healthy and super active. I thought I would loose a lot of vitality as my diet was forced to change, however through Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation and spending time in nature and with family I have actually grown stronger and are more aware of my life force energy and above all emotional well being.

I am not stating my current diet is best! No if I had my preference I would be eating small quantities, seasonal, local, wild and mostly raw, that would be my ideal, but I am totally cool with this transitory period and hope others will feel great about the choices they sometimes have to make because ultimately the decider in health is in the subtle details such as your emotional health.

To you all in great health, I must go eat a burger😀


The Yoga Health Coach


Big Green Inspiration

Hi everyone I wanted to share this. I posted about the Big Green a few weeks ago and it’s so awesome I feel the need to share its awesomeness again, however the ingredients have changed and that’s part of its beauty; it’s ability to change to be something slightly different every time you make it, but one thing stays the same and that’s that it makes you want to sing and dance. It gets a bit messy enjoy.

Dinosaur Kale leaves
Sundried tomatoes
Ground hemp seed

Olive oil, tahini, apple cider vinegar and Himalayan rock salt

Prepare your dressing in a bowl, then spread on the base of your kale leaf then add the ingredients; pop on the other kale leaf as a lid and welcome. Note I ground up my hemp seeds in a coffee grinder.

I have not provided quantities as you are an intuitive and instinctive creator who knows how you love to roll.


To you all in Great Health

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach

The Big Green

Let me introduce you to the Big Green. A sandwich like no other, you need to have your wits about you to step into the pantry with the Big Green. We first made this sandwich a couple of years ago and it only makes an appearance around this time of year as the Dinosaur Kale (black Russian) leaves, which we use in place of the bread are of a size that you can use.
Note: anything goes; I will list the ingredients I used, but not the quantities as its more fun creating it from a blank canvas with little structure or guidance to distract you from what you want to create.


Dinosaur Kale Leaves
Grated carrot
Grated apple
Sun dried tomatoes
Dressing – tahini, olive oil, Himalayan rock salt and apple cider vinegar


Take the ends of the kale leaves, ideally you do not want to have to much of the stalk left as its a bit of a workout for the teeth, gums and digestive tract. Prepare your dressing and spread on to one side of the kale leaf, add your ingredients as you desire, place the other kale leaf on top cut in half and viola. My wife literally started dancing after eating the Big Green, it’s a powerhouse for awesomeness.

There may have been other ingredients, the other day I made one and put chickpeas that I had cooked with a homemade curry sauce, it gave it a bit more muchness and spice to it. Get creative go on.

I would love to hear what kale sandwich creations you come up with.

To you in great Big Green Health

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach


Day 9: Green Smoothie Challenge.

Hi everyone last week I posted a wonderful post on a delicious green smoothie and noted that I had used bananas as an ingredient; I also mentioned that bananas have been receiving bad press recently for many reasons including: making people angry, contributing to constipation and a host of other possible negative effects, one reason for these side effects maybe that bananas are classified as a ‘hybrid fruit’, which basically means they are no longer able to reproduce themselves and need human intervention for the species to survive. Depending on how old you are you may remember that bananas use to have black seeds in the middle of them, where have the seeds gone? Hence a hybrid fruit and when I was in Australia a while back we were near a banana plantation and the locals that we were staying with told us the farmers use growth hormones such as testosterone to increase the speed and size of growth. Those who are aware of the side effects of excess testosterone know that anger is one and one side effect of bananas is anger; coincidence!

I have since had to let go of the bananas I noticed that I was getting angry very easily and the anger rose so much that my nemeses Gout returned, which has meant the last 3 days i have been home bound, however, I let go of the bananas and changed them for watermelon and I also practiced Dahn Yoga meditation techniques and the inflammation (gout) has reduced quicker than ever before (I choose not to take medication to heal this disease, but I do use nettles both as a tea and to simply sting the inflamed area, nature always has the answer).

Here’s my new green smoothie (must admit this one comes out slightly browny orange due to the golden flax colour mixing with the green kale):


1 – big slice of Water Melon (use the skin as well)

4 – fresh dates (pitted)

6 – Kale leaves

1 – mug of homemade coconut milk (can brought from a shop is great)

1tsp – Flax seed

1tsp – slipper elm bark


Place it all into a high-speed blender and blend till smooth.

Pour, serve and enjoy.

Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach

Kale Chips


Equipment Needed:

Dehydrator (you can use the bottom shelf of an oven on a low setting).


  • Kale – 2 Bunches
  • Olive Oil – A glug
  • Apple Cyder Vinegar – A Glug but not as much as you did with the oil
  • Inspiral Cafe Pizzeria Seasoning – a generous helping to suit your taste buds. This seasoning contains dried kale, baobab, cashew, onion, nutritional yeast flakes, flax seeds, sumac, Himalayan sea salt, oregano, basil and black pepper.

This recipe depends upon how many chips you want to make. You only want enough oil and vinegar to coat not soak the kale leaves, as for the seasoning you season to your liking.


Using a big bowl place the glug of oil and vinegar at the bottom, then begin to remove the amount of kale you want to use from the their stalks/stems and place into the bowl with oil and vinegar, add your seasoning and mix all the ingredients together.

Place on a dehydrator sheet and set your dehydrator to 115, it will take between 2 – 4 hours to dehydrate depending on how much Kale you have used. If you do not have a dehydrator then the bottom of an oven on low setting will do the job just grand.

Place into a bowl and share them around.


Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach