Wild Child

hi there, summer has left and autumn has arrived and along with this transition comes a bounty of wild edibles on offer, however some may surprise You!

We walk everywhere we go and I mean everywhere, however as the family keeps growing this may change, but before it does I want to share one of the greatest benefits of walking everywhere.

Wild edible and very tasty food!

In one Wild Child day we collected the following and all were within 30 minutes walking from our home:

  • Blackberries
  • Elderberries
  • Passion Fruit
  • Grapes
  • Apples

We could have foraged rocket and dandelions amongst other wild edibles on offer.

All of the mentioned fruits were growing on bushes, trees and vines alongside busy roads and people’s homes, the grape vine was literally hanging over the wall of a house alongside a busy main road and my son familiar with elderberry said dad look elderberries, I looked up towards the sky and was met with sun in my eyes and green round fruits staring at me. I had to do a double take and to collect them I had to climb a little way up the wall to reach them. I could not believe we had found a grape vine in the end of summer England, but there it was.

As we walked home we passed a blackberry bush coming to the end of its season, then we stumbled upon an apple tree, which was in full blown bloom of a good harvest, we also foraged some elderberries.

All of this free wild fruit in abundance just waiting to be picked and enjoyed.

It also dawned on me that if everyone planted a fruit tree or bush there would be a bountiful supply of locally produced food! We could also plant nut trees, the potential to create sustainable,free, abundant nutritious and delicious food is endless, not great for the economy maybe, but I’m sure with a super healthy populous we would figure something out.

Happy Wild Food Foraging


The Yoga Health Coach