Chicken Mad

Now lets get of on the right foot here, this is not about judgement even at points it appears to be condemning, this is not about being righteous even if at points it appears to be right, this is about raising awareness and leaving you to your own conclusions and thereafter actions including taking full responsibility and accountability for those actions.

I have a history of eating everything and anything, but these days I am mainly a Vegan I say mainly because I have the falable human habit of falling of my wagon, I share this because this is not about being perfect all the time, mistakes are ok, but at some point you need to get back up!

I recently watched a video about the EGG industry. Now being a health coach qualified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I have viewed many PETA films concerning the cruel treatment of animals at the hands of humans, but this video has urged me to step forward and give my 10 pence worth.

The cruelty demonstrated in the aforementioned videos is heart wrenching and sickening, the unfortunate matter is we all suffer; us and them as a result of that treatment, my question is WHY?

Why do we do it? The simplest answer is PROFIT! The trouble with animal welfare with regards to animals that are reared for food production is they have an economic value, which means that the dollar or pound dictates there care or lack off. 

Why care how they are treated they will end up on a plate anyway?

The way I do anything is the way I do everything! If I ignore the treatment and care of any living animal I am doing the same to all and vice versa. 

To starve a hen, cut of her beak and leave her alone in a dark hole so that in a stressed state she releases an increased amount of eggs (dollars & pounds) is not going to be good for anyone and in case you didn’t know a hen only has one hole! That means feces, urine and eggs all come out the same way, it all comes out of a stressed usually diseased animal!!!

The male chicks have no economic value, which means at birth they are round up and thrown alive into a grinder and sent to land fill. In many ways the male chick has an easier run than the female hen who if in the wild would lay up to 30 eggs or so in a year, under intensive rearing that number reaches a staggering 300 eggs in one year, then after a year and a half of intensive rearing, beaks cut off, starved and isolated they are then throw through the grinder fed back to other hens or make there way into processed food, yep that canned or premade food in the supermarket which has chicken as an ingredient may just be one of those intensively reared half starved and already dead hens – YUMMY!!!

The thing is eat chicken and eggs if that’s your thing, but take some responsibility for the welfare of the animal you intend to hunt! Now if I’m a wild animal and meat is on my menu I will hunt for my dinner, for the survival and growth of my family, I have no problem with that, that’s how life rolls and the animal that gets caught and eaten prior to becoming the menu had a LIFE.

That intensively farmed Hen, COW, Pig and any other animal man rears for profit has NO LIFE and that makes the man or woman who consumes these animals disrespectful hunters. If you want chicken on your dinner table go and hunt a chicken.

Hunting for food is part of life it is part of the natural cycle, however hunting for sport is not, when life is lost it can not and should not be called sport. In sport respect again is shown by all involved, those who lack respect in any way will be found wanting at some point.

Next time you think eggs or any meat for that matter think am I RESPECTING that animal and by doing so RESPECTING myself and the natural world we all live in, the care of any animal should not be a question of economic value! It should be a mandatory right.

For those thinking about Veganism know this, you can eat the most amazing, tasty and nutritious food. You can be super strong and full of energy. Humans are omnivores we can survive and thrive without meat if we choose.

To you all in great health


The  Yoga Health Coach