Festive Raw Chocolate Mouse Delights

These little Festive Raw Chocolate Mouse Delights will leave a smile on your face and warmth in your heart but do be warned whilst you will want more, due to the high density of nutrients they fill Santa’s sack very quickly so be patient with them.

Equipment needed – Pan of water, Bain Marie, High Speed Blender, Festive Silicon Moulds and a Coffee Grinder


110g – Cacao Liquor/pasteP1020326

90g – Cacao Butter

100g – Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp – Vanilla Extract

150 – 180ml – Spring or filtered water

8 dates

1 Tbsp – Mesquite Meal

1 Tbsp – Super Smoothie Mix (From Lion Heart Herbs)

pinch of saltP1020325

1 – avocado

30g – Flax Seed

100g – Coconut


1 – place the cacao liquor, cacao butter and coconut oil on a Bain-Marie and melt. Keep the gas on a low temperature so you do not over heat the ingredients.

2 – Place the other ingredients into a blender (ideally a high-speed blender such as a Vita Mix) whilst you are waiting for the Cacao to melt.

3 – Once the cacao liquor, cacao butter and coconut oil have melted add them to the other ingredients in the blender.


4 – Blend the ingredients until you have a lovely smooth texture

5 – Place the mixture into your festive silicon moulds and then place that into the Fridge for up to and potentially over 24 hours (the longer you leave them in the fridge the harder they will set)

6 – Once the chocolate has set take them out of the moulds and place them on a tray or plate of your choice remembering that visual impact salivates the taste buds so get creative.

P10203227 – Place the flax-seed and coconut flesh into the coffee grinder (if you have a high-speed blender like the Vita Mix this will do the same job). Grind the ingredients down to make your very own tinsel for your festive treats.

8 – you can also add various dried fruits such as cranberries (especially as they are in season) to further decorate your little festive raw delights, I used pomegranate as they are in season and the right size plus they taste great and are full of awesome nourishment, again the creative workshop is open to your imagination and I for one would love to see what you have come up with.

9 – Eat and Enjoy your festivities with a little bit of raw magic

Note – It is not important to have either the mesquite meal (which is not sold now in the UK as it is classed as a novelty food) or the super smoothie mix. The festive raw chocolate delights will taste awesome with or without them.


You have a creative license here so add more dates if you want to sweeten, take out the avocado if you want your chocolates to be firmer, experiment and have fun with the process, you can’t go wrong because you will make something that tastes great no matter what.

Have a great festive season

The Yoga Health Coach



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