Ostara’s naming celebration cakes (vegan)

On the 1st of June we as family and friends gathered on a plot at Stanmer Park where the mood and spirits were high, the heavens opened to bring a fresh supply of rain for the surrounding wild life, it reminded of the saying ‘do not wait for the storm to pass, instead learn to dance in the rain’. This was for sure the case, it can be easy to let the weather dampen and raise your spirits, but if you remain inwardly present you see the beauty in all expressions, not to mention that great cake always saves the day no matter the weather.

The vegan cakes I made were inspired by this recipe Pineapple and Banana Cake

That link will also give you the base recipe, however as is the case with all creation and what I always actively encourage is add your own twist, your own jazz into anything you make, with this in mind I have added my twists below, but am grateful for the original inspiration that came from the linked recipe.

For base ingredients follow this link Pineapple and banana cake.

  • I added an extra 50g of hemp flour to add that nutty hemp flavour, to bind and strengthen the cake, I love strong cakes, fluffy sponge cakes are not my flavour, but they maybe yours.
  • I used coconut syrup instead of honey, simply because it jumped of the shelf at me whilst shopping and I hadn’t used it before and was curious, I think honey worked out better for flavour in my opinion.
  • I used a coconut and hemp oil mix instead as it was on special offer, no real difference hear except I’m a big fan of hemp, however most of its nutritional benefits are lost through cooking so it doesn’t warrant being a replacement unless like I did, you find it on special offer.
  • The rest I kept the same.

The Topping

Here’s my Jazz✌️

Avocado and Chamomile Chocolate with rose pet the decoration.

  • 140g – cacao butter
  • 150g – cashew nuts
  • 3 – baby avocados
  • 60ml – mix of honey and coconut syrup
  • Pinch of Himalayan salt
  • Dried rose petals for decoration


It should be noted that I soaked the cashews and then mixed them with the sweetener and cacao butter after it had been melted alongside a tbsp of coconut oil in a Bain Marie, then during the mixing process I noticed the consistency was all wrong, it had lost its smoothness, however fear not, I threw in an extra 50g of dry cashew nuts and turned the mixture green with the whizzing of 3 baby avocados, I added extra sweetener to amend for the extra fats going into the mix, after I had made the mixture and saved it from ruin there was enough to sink a small ship, we refrigerated the excess and used it to fill medjool dates YUM is all I can say about that and that if you fly and roll with your mistakes magic happens. Once the mixture had setted I iced the cake and decorated with the rose petals.

Oh yes avocado chocolate works.

Now I made two cakes so you guys and the guys who attende are and were in for a real treat, those who know me know I cannot roll up to a celebration without chocolate cake it’s rude not to😀. 

I used the same base recipe which can be found following this link Pineapple and Banana Cake

This time my chocolate and cherry cake had some real jazz played to make it super awesome.

  • The most notable difference is the chocolate, I used 150g of Wonky Willys dark cooking chocolate, which may not be available in countries outside the U.K those in the U.K can grab some easily enough from Waitrose, but I chose it because it’s the best quality. You add the chocolate in by melting it alongside a tbsp of coconut oil in a Bain Marie and then whizz it up with the other blended ingredients.
  • I also added 2 tbsp of Cacao powder to the dry ingredients (if you gonna do it, do it properly and with style)😜
  • Note that all ingredients have been doubled I used a 12inch cake tin for this baby.
  • The size meant an extremely long cooking time, at least 2 hours to get it cooked right through, plus I kind of burnt the edges so I shaved the outer edge off the cake, life with out those last minute obstacles and challenges is no life😀.
  • Cherries replaced the pinapple and I used good old fresh cherries (remember to remove the stones).
  • Again hemp flour was added, I used roughly 50g.

The icing.

  • This was very simple, I simply melted down to bars of cooking chocolate and added some coconut syrup to the Bain Marie, add to your liking. Whilst the chocolate was melting I placed cherries cut in half round the perimeter of the cake, then once the chocolate had melted I simply poured it over the cake and made sure it went round the cherries, this then acted like glue to keep the cherries in place. Simple, but rediculously yummy.

Both cakes were fantastically yummy and there is plenty of room to play with recipes as you see fit.