Embracing the elements

It has been a curios exploration over the past year, it was about a year ago i came across the Ice Man, Wim Hof a man with a story and a story that lead him to explore himself in a way that appears crazy to others.

Well not crazy to me and his sharing has helped me over the year to essentially embrace the elements and accept them, which in turn allows me to accept me.

This time last year I was venturing into the cold winter sea and yep I was freezing my butt off, however I was determined to explore deeper within myself and hopefully gain greater insight into my potential, what I did not know then, is it is possible to be at ease with the cold, I need not loose all sensation in my fingers and toes and spend 45 minutes or so trembling and returning back to normal.

That was what Wim shared, that it’s possible to be at peace with the cold and it’s taken a year to fully appreciate and understand what it truly means to embrace and accept the elements.

When your in the mindset of training you unconsciously tense and contract your muscles which creates a resistance, hence we call weight training resistance training, however if you apply enough force or pressure to that resistance it will break and during that journey you will become physically strong and mentally strong, however you will also become stiff and stuck.

When training in the cold the resistance and inner tension rises fast and is obvious, once you have heated your body the tension you have within you is not so obvious, the benefit of being aware of it is this, you can begin to train your mind and body to let go of the resistance you have to the cold, when you do this your body and mind relax deeply similar to a meditative state, once this happens the warmth within you can freely circulate around the whole of your body and the cold is no longer a problem and more importantly you are longer a problem with you.

When you have resistance and tension the cold is a problem and you try and block it from being able to enter you, however if you soften and accept it then it moves freely and allows you to be you, it’s a strange and liberating experience.

This training has taught me a lot about how much tension I was holding onto and how deeply I can relax and yet be very strong and active at the same time.

I feel this training can be of benefit in many areas of a persons life, when I consider many ailments are stress related then the ability to deeply relax regardless of the external environment becomes a vital tool in healing and overal wellbeing.

To sit on the shore with a warm tea and watch the sunrise after a cold dip in the sea is a pleasure indeed.

To you all in great health.



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