Soaked Porridge – Vegan

A couple of years ago I soaked everything and on a lot of occasions would sprout seeds to add to salads and porridge, but as is so often the case I am as falable as the next man and I loose my best practices, which I’m totally ok with its part of the journey and sometimes the benefit is not recognised until you loose it and rediscover it.

Well I was walking home from the woods with my son and some friends and the topic of food came into discussion, after studying all walks of nutrition I generally do not enjoy these conversations because well the world of nutrition is a mine field, your more than likely to agree on some points and disagree on others, nutrition is a very personal journey of discovery, however there are jewels and reminders to be found in such conversations and one such reminder was that of ‘soaking’ your nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruits.

Soaking rehydrates dehydrated food, makes it easier to digest and assimilate and in my opinion  improves the taste and texture of the food.

Ever since I have been soaking my porridge overnight, I use filtered water which transforms into oat milk by the morning, the dried fruit release there sugars into the milk and the cashew nuts become more plump and creamy.

If I had more awareness and time I would even pre soak my grains for either lunch or dinner depending on the days menues. Breakfast is a good start and the rest is room for improvement.

The intention then is set, soak your grains and nuts and explore how this changes some of your favourite dishes.

Happy soaking 



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