A Plant Based Child’s Birthday Party Spread

My son Ulysses turned 5 recently and we had fun putting together a plant based spread on a small budget.

The occasion begun with a scene from the time of the dinosaurs, where we created a volcano from red cabbage, lava from carrots, trees from broccoli and twigglets helped make the ground, a homemade hummus dip was made to dunk the vegetables in and all went well, we used a sparkler to help make the volcano erupt and the faces of the little people was worth a thousand pictures.

Next there was the dinosaur hunt, we used dinosaur moulds to make dark chocolate dinosaurs, we then hid there plastic counterparts in the garden, each time a child returned a plastic dinosaur they received a chocolate one in return. This game was a winner by a mile.

To add some savoury action to the mix we made vegan pizza slices, this goes without saying, success….

We then headed of to the cinema to watch The Good Dinosaur and yes I’m a fan and here we sold out on ourselves and bought popcorn rather than make it, which is very easy to do, we were simply not sure if we could maintain its freshness all the way from home to the pictures.

On return from the cinema we had vegan Christmas trees and boots jellies, using agar flakes instead of gelatin to make the jellies and yes it was another thumbs up.

The piece de resistance was the Vegan White Chocolate and Lemon birthday cake, originally Ulysses asked for an ice cream cake and well I was stumped so we agreed on a white cake instead.

The White chocolate was made from cashew nuts and cacao butter for those who are wondering and the base was a simple mix of oats, dates and salt. The adults and my son loved it, whilst it got mixed reviews from the rest of the guests.

  It was an overal success, it showed us we can keep it simple, creative, nourishing and fun.

To you all in great health


The Yoga Health Coach


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