The BIG C!

im a thirty something male and I’m not the only one growing!

In thirty years cancer has grown steadily side by side with me and has claimed too many and continues to strike people of all ages and all back grounds.

I have children and if cancer continues to grow as fast as it is then the statistics will be even more damning and so something needs to change.

Fighting Cancer is clearly not working, there is that old phrase that says to do the same thing over again and expect a different result is insane and whilst preserverance pays dividends and I am by no means suggesting we give up I feel it’s time we are honest and accept the current method is far too hit and miss and not really getting anywhere.

What do we do?

Well I believe the simplest cure and prevention is LOVE, but before everyone cries be realistic. Let me explain!

I have explored the health and wellbeing of the human organism with vigour I could throw facts and stats around that prove everything works and nothing works, you see you can live a squeaky clean life eat super foods practice yoga and get a good nights sleep and still wake up in the morning to find you have cancer, you could smoke everyday of your life and live to see the twilight years, life is not meant to make sense.

Each time I thought I had found the next elixir I would find its flaw round the next corner, but what I did find is this.

Those who can soften to the experience of life, those who feel a deep connection with themselves, with each other and with nature, those who feel as though they live a life of purpose, those who laugh and play as if all they had was right now, those who turn of the negative drone of the mass media and immerse themselves in the essence of the experience of life, those who are emotionally healed and balanced either never suffer from cancer and or naturally release it from their bodies should it manifest.

The key is connection, gathering the information from inside yourself and trusting that information and having the faith, strength and love to keep going with what you know you need to do and be.

I still love Patch Adams’s speech when he said if you treat the disease you win you loose, you treat the person and I guarantee you win.

Fighting cancer is you fighting yourself and there can only be loss in that process, the new way would be to travel to the other pole and love yourself unconditionally with all your heart as if your life depends upon it, why? Because it does.

Big love to you all


The Yoga Health Coach


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