Choco-rific Malt Loaf & Apricots

the other day my 4 year old son said ‘daddy I would love some apricots covered with chocolate’, being a fan of au chocolate I was happy to oblige, at the same time my wife was itching for a snack and so the old ‘one stone two birds’ action came into play.

I love simplicity and this was exactly that, melt some dark chocolate in a pan with sea or rock salt and coconut oil, slice your organic fruit malt loaf and take the stones out of the apricots. Place on a plate and once the chocolate is ready pour over the top. I added cacao nibs, bananas, cashew nuts and hemp seeds for extra flair. Place in the fridge and be as patient as you can waiting for the chocolate to harden.

Happy choco-holic days 😀


The Yoga Health Coach


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