Healthy! Yes or No?

the last blog I posted I named The Poor Mans Salad, this one was close to being called The Poor Mans Vegan Burger!

I went for the above title because the burger is refined and pre-made and chips are so far removed from a potatoe it is almost rude to associate the chip with the potatoe and I’m pretty sure the quantity of tomatoes in tomatoe ketchup is slim, but on the other side of the scales is kale, wild rocket from the garden, black sesame seeds, sea salt and fresh salad topping, so What constitutes healthy?

Now I’m a fan of the Raw Food Chef Russel James and have made amazing Raw Food Burgers amongst other delights, but times have changed for me and I have tightened my purse strings so to speak and therefor I do the best I can with the time and finances available to me.

Many will be in a similar situation and I hope this arrives at your door like a breath of fresh air because I have found after being both a carnivore see food western diet eater and a 100% Raw Food Vegan; you can balance your diet and remain super strong, super healthy and super active. I thought I would loose a lot of vitality as my diet was forced to change, however through Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation and spending time in nature and with family I have actually grown stronger and are more aware of my life force energy and above all emotional well being.

I am not stating my current diet is best! No if I had my preference I would be eating small quantities, seasonal, local, wild and mostly raw, that would be my ideal, but I am totally cool with this transitory period and hope others will feel great about the choices they sometimes have to make because ultimately the decider in health is in the subtle details such as your emotional health.

To you all in great health, I must go eat a burger😀


The Yoga Health Coach


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