A Poor Man’s Salad

I’m not really poor in a spiritual sense or any other kinda way except ‘financial!’ 

Now I’m not going to moan about that it’s a choice! I have chosen to dedicate my time to raising my family and the pay off is less money.

Yesterday I met with a friend I had not seen for a couple of years, a couple of years ago money was more abundant and so a diet rich in super foods and all that jazz was possible, however as I happily explained to my friend my raw vegan diet was no longer affordable and I was ok with this.

I am now most of the time a Vegan who dives into the odd pizza and most super foods as we have come to know them are no longer on the menu except chlorella. I laughed with my friend at my change in stance and view on what was nourishing and what is not.

Time is a teacher and sometimes we are humbled as our ideals dissolve, but I still love great food and nowadays the great food me and my family eat is affordable great food and the dish I share with you is exactly that.

A friend recently ignited my interest in Millet a simple grain from Africa/Asia and I have fallen in love with it.

I simply prepare a good old salad with cucumber, lettuce, red pepper, celery and wild rocket from the garden, this is mixed with olive oil, sea salt, tahini, apple cider vinegar, mustard and honey.

Next we cook the Millet with garlic, onions, peas and mushrooms mixed with a sundries tomatoe paste. I also added some black sesame seeds. 

Add the two together and viola a super yummy delicious poor man’s salad that in reality is everything it needs to be.




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