Blue Moon (Ambessa Chant/meditation)

yesterday was a blue moon, which simply means that in the month of July we had two full moons and the second full moon is called a blue moon. We have all heard the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ and that’s because a blue moon doesn’t come round that often and in some cultures the calendar year is extended to 13 months in the year of a blue moon.

We were all excited to get to the woods after dark and build a fire to honour this natural cycle, we joked that on a Friday night in a busy city we were heading into the quiet and darkness of the woods whilst the city was coming to life with all the late night parties and functions that occur on a Friday night!

We found a spot and built a fire, even at this point it feels as though the primal clocks are taking you back to a near forgotten time, a time where gathering wood to make the fire, banter about life and the actual common-unity with nature and man is being left in the rear view mirror.

With the fire burning we offer piece to the north, east, south and west, our gaze rests upon the ever changing flickers of flames that dance from the wooden embers from which they rise.

It is time for AMBESSA! Ambessa is the inviting of the lion spirit within you to surface and come out, to move away from the flock of sheep and roar your true self into the present. It is not easy to burn the shackles of illusion for they are welded together deep within the temple of your being, but as you step upon the earth in the face of the fire and the wind; as you chant the Ambessa a primal force rises and breaks through the restraints you find yourself bound by and a free dance of liberation pours forth from the inner essence of your being. At first you tug upon your chains afraid to break them, at first you fear the unknown that freedom offers, but as you let go of your fears as you dance your dance with reckless abandon the chains will break the fear will dissolve and liberation will be yours.

We then sat in seated meditation and traveled with the freedom of spirit that knows no boundaries, sound filled the air a chant begun and union was felt and finally silence except for the sounds of nature was embraced.

To finish this offering to the blue moon we shared tea and light snacks whilst the flickers of the Flames gently died down.

Life is found in these simple moments.

A couple of hours later we were awake and down by the sea front for mountain practice although today’s was a lighter more peaceful approach and I am left feeling light, energised and deeply grateful for natures playground and the people whom I get to share that playground with.

Below is a link to a YouTube video on our Mountain Practice.

Mountain Practice
To you all in great health.


The Yoga Health Coach


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