Sea Dip in the early morning, Why?

So many ask why? Why do I wake most mornings regardless of the weather and head down to the sea to meditate and take a dip?

My answer not that it’s a total overview of the whole underlying reasons behind waking early and making the journey to the sea; is this!

My senses wake up; they experience a real sense of being alive, I can hear the subtle sounds of a calm sea and the roaring of the crashing waves as a storm builds and releases its accumulated energy, I can rest my gaze upon the effortless motion of nature; being treated to a new vista everyday – the way the rising sun dances upon the surface of a calm sea is a breathtaking moment and in these moments I feel the subtle vibration of life.

I go because it’s peaceful, because I give myself an opportunity to empty my cup a cup that is often full of worldly stuff that can weigh heavy on the heart and soul; when the cup is empty pure happiness and joy is felt and I realise it’s ok that the cup will refill with the stresses of life because the letting go feels awesome.

I go because it makes me stronger both physically, mentally and emotionally, it makes me happy, it re-energises me, it gives me a sensation of feeling light and I go because it gives me the opportunity to re-connect with nature and myself. It also allows me to give more to the people I love I find I can be stronger for them, I have greater compassion and patience and more understanding of there journey and obstacles, this relationship becomes a two way process – I can give more to them and they act as a tool of motivation for me not to give up thus building my strength. It is these connections and plays of life that make the practice all the more special and beneficial for everyone.

I am therefor very happy to encourage you not to take my experience as absolute or even knowledge for that matter, but instead to give a gentle nudge to inspire you to dive into natures garden; it matters not the form of her garden: sea, mountain, woods or forest. It simply is waiting for you to go and create your own experience and story.

Another reason I love going to the sea is I get to practice my spiritual, physical, emotional and energy practice – Infinity Movement Arts. Hope you enjoy the short film..
Enjoy the journey

Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach


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