Raw Easter Egg Success

I had to post this as I was a very happy camper on easter sunday and so was my little family when we dived into our raw easter eggs and they tasted rawsome. Heres the recipe: 50g – Cacao Butter 50g- Cacao Liquor 2 tbsp – Coconut Oil 2 tbsp – Maple Syrup 1 tsp – Vanilla Extract 1 pinch – sea salt the alchemy: melt the cacao butter, liquor and coconut oil in a Bain Marie. When they have nearly melted add the other ingredients and then stir until an even smooth texture has been achieved. Pour the liquid into the egg moulds at this point you can add gogi berries, hemp seeds, buckwheaties or any other sprinkle to add flavour and texture to your eggs. Pop them in the fridge and a couple of hours later viola. one tip when the mixture is still liquid taste to see if you need to add any other flavouring such as more salt or sweetener, or you may want to add a spice. Its at that point you can make the flavour your own. IMG_0192 Enjoy Matt The Yoga Health Coach.


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