Raw Pancake Birthday Cake

Last Tuesday was my birthday and my wonderful wife or I prefer soul mate Adele decided she would make me a cake! Adele has many strengths, the kitchen is not one of them, however with a little bit of help from Evie’s Kitchen by Shazzie she pulled of a wonderful birthday/pancake cake drizzled in chocolate sauce.

Cheers Adele I loved it.

Pancake Ingredients:

500ml Water
150g – Raw Buckwheat
100g – Flax Seed
100g – macadamia nuts
Maple syrup – sweeten to your liking – 50ml + worked well, at first we only added 20ml to the mixture and it was more savoury than sweet.
Pinch of salt (we used Celtic sea salt).

Chocolate Sauce:
100g – Cacao Butter
50g – Coconut Oil
2-4 tbsp – Cacao Powder (taste to your liking)
Maple Syrup (this recipe is getting naughty and the naughtier you want just add more, I would remember karma at this point though).

Creating the magic:

Measure all your ingredients out, the buckwheat needs to soak for about 20-25 minutes and the water from that discard. The flax seed needs grinding down in either a high speed blender or coffee grinder. Then all the ingredients need to be added to a high speed blender and blended until you achieve that batter consistency; its at this point you taste the mixture to see which way you want it to go – sweet or savoury?
Then pour/divide the mixture onto dehydrator sheets constructing 8-9 round circles, we achieved 9 out of our batch, but more is not better you may make thicker pancakes or thinner ones, your shout.
They will then need to be in the dehydrator for 6 hours on 115 degrees F, flip them over but onto the grilled/holed sheets now so the air can completely circulate then they will need upto and maybe beyond another 2 hours in the dehydrator, all depends on how thick your pancakes are.
When there nice and warm and looking ready to go, get to work on your sauce. Get a pan of hot water place a Bain Marie on top put all the ingredients in and stir until melted, once melted stack your pancakes on top of each other and pour the sauce on top, viola.
Very filling, but very yummy

Please not the majority of this recipe came from Evie’s Kitchen by Shazzie, we changed the sweetener, turned it into a stacked cake and added some yummy sauce, which if you ask me took it to another level.

To you all in great health

Happy Pancake day

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach