Co Yo Cake

I Love Co Yo a coconut cream yoghurt and the other day my wonderful son asked for a creamy cake? No problem I say so I head down to the local shops grab the ingredients and come back; whizz it all together and hey presto the Co Yo Cake was born.
For the base I simply throw together a mixture of dried fruit, seeds and nuts and blend them together to my desired texture, which is generally a more crumble base, however this time it was more of a fruit bar (like naked bars) texture, which worked just fine.
I used an 8 inch cake tin base and what I love about this cake is its super quick to make, very yummy and extremely healthy unless of course your sensitive to any of the ingredients.


Ingredients base:

Hemp seeds – 2 tbsp
Walnuts – 100+g
Cashew Nuts – 100+g
Fresh Dates (pitted) – 4
Organic Currants – 100+g
Coconut Oil – 1 tbsp


Vanilla CoYo Yoghurt – 250g
Strawberry’s – As many you like


Blend all base ingredients together until desired texture is achieved (note + beside the quantity is there because I don’t measure my ingredients I have made so many I do it by feeling, but 100g usually does the job as a rough guide). Place the base mixture into your cake tin base (I used an 8inch cake tin base).
Spread the CoYo yoghurt on top and then finish with your strawberries on top.

Slice, serve, smile and enjoy.

The Yoga Health Coach