Wild Rocket & Cashew Pesto

Rocket is an amazing thing; we grew it from seed 3 years ago and every year it pops up in new places much like a weed, to us this shows strength in its genes (if you like). What has been interesting is the rocket has spread some how to the front garden and where you would normally see dandelion or another weed growing through the cracks and gaps in the pavement we now have wild rocket and what is also fantastic is the taste; its so much stronger and sharper than shop bought rocket.
With the growth of the wild rocket we have been inspired to use it and so far we have been using the rocket in smoothies and salads; today we made a pesto and it was amazing. Enjoy.


4-5 large handfuls of wild rocket.
A glug of olive oil (I used oil that was soaking the sundried tomatoes I used). A glug is only about 100ml max (enough to help blend all the ingredients together).
A glug of apple cider vinegar (I used Un-pasteurised apple cider vinegar).
A pinch of Himalayan rock salt.
2 – cloves of garlic (this gave it a kick, for less of a kick use 1 clove).
4 – sundried tomatoes
100g – cashew nuts


I used the vita mix on setting number 4, which ground/blended it together in a way that leaves a wonderful creamy and chunky texture, if you like a complete smooth pesto go full speed ahead.
We then used it as a spread on some sprouted wheat bread from Sunnyvale – Yum

To you all in great health

The Yoga Health Coach