CoYo Smoothie

A month or so ago we came across a fantastic product called CoYo, which essentially is coconut yoghurt, this product is not raw but tastes amazing and is great just on its own and comes in a variety of flavours including chocolate and vanilla.

We decided to see what would happen if we used this wonderfully creamy yoghurt to make a smoothie and well simply put AMAZING Ulysses is 3 years of age and he loved it and its really easy to make.


125g – CoYo Yoghurt (natural flavour)

3 – small bananas

7 – strawberries

200ml – water (less water = thicker and more water = thinner consistency)


Add all the ingredients to a blender and away you go that simple, pour into a glass and enjoy… Ahhh the simple things.

note: to make sweeter, purchase CoYo Vanilla flavour or add 2-3 fresh dates to the above recipe.

To you all in great health

Matt Allen


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