Bowing Meditation (day 93)

Day 93 signals the final week of the 100 day journey of bowing 300 times each day and it really feels like the end of a journey.
The last week of bowing has been an up and down affair; there were days when it flowed and there were days where it simply hurt, but even on the days of pain I feel better at the end of the session, I have experienced bowing meditation to be a very healing, cleansing and strengthening practice.

Today’s practice was interesting the first 103 bows I completed in class, normally we do not bow in class so this was a surprise and at the time not a welcome one; yet the practice was amazing I felt weightless for most of the class and observed I only got distracted once or twice. I was then left with 197 bows to complete this evening and to my surprise I had the same experience to that of my earlier experience in class – weightless/effortless and a mind that was calm and simply present for most of the practice (still the odd fleeting thought, but a significant difference).

I have no expectation that I have turned a corner the mere experience of the last 93 days has taught me that, but what I did notice was it was a broken practice in the sense I did a portion then stopped and completed the rest later and in the later practice I had to briefly stop to get something for my little boy. I also observed I had broken some old habits, I was not in a rush it all seemed to be a moment of letting go of the old (the broken part) and the rebuilding or you could say the creation that follows destruction, but as I said everything changes and I for one cannot see what lies ahead.

Here’s to the final week and all it has to offer or uncover.

To you all in great health



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