Bowing Meditation (Day 73)

Tonight there was no hiding, no running away, I did not get the job! I had a lot riding on that job – my family’s security, career growth, being able to pay the rent, buy food and to exist; well it didn’t show up and now I’m left not knowing – not knowing how I will make the rent, buy the food and provide for my family? I am down, but not out.

I know there is a purpose behind this stage in my life and I appreciate that life is a mystery, but that does not stop it from hurting right now and so I bowed with my fears and pain this evening and I found I was emotional close to a few tears and yet I was strong and focused on finding a solution, I believe I can do it and that is what this bowing practice has given me – the strength to overcome adversity.

I move forward not knowing which way to go, but I do believe that purpose lies waiting…

To you all in great health



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