Bowing Meditation (day 63)

It has been another trying week of bowing, but this time mainly due to healing taking place in my body. 2 days ago I had a wonderful experience where I felt light and free with no tension and then by the evening my head was pounding and for the last couple of days I have had what is alike to a head cold and at the same time can feel cool/cold energy moving out through my fingers and chest, I have also felt this same movement of energy on the back of my neck.
Today was the first time I felt completely present in my bowing, more focused on me and the experience I was having rather than other people, places and things. It has also been interesting to continue with the practice through the head cold; this is the second illness/healing experience I have had over the past 63 days and have found on both occasions the bowing speeds the rate of recovery, it maybe ironic that it is more than likely the bowing that released or catalysed the release of the ailments in the first place.
The other interesting observation is despite the head cold and knowing that my mind and being are not functioning 100% at the moment my body continues to grow in strength, which as I mention is strange because usually in the presence of a cold my body feels weak, tender and stiff, but not on this occasion.

Something is happening, shifting and changing, a new path being created maybe, I am over half way and am enjoying the journey despite the challenges and who knows where it’s leading.

To you all in great health



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