Bowing Meditation (35-37)

Days 35-37 have been special, Adele my wife has decided to commit to 21 days of bowing and opting to simply complete as many bows as she can in the time it takes me to complete 300.
There is something humbling about the feeling you experience when you observe someone at the beginning of their journey; it brought back memories of how it was for me at the beginning: slapping my hands down, huffing and puffing, complaining, laughing and talking, essentially i would do anything to distract my mind from the task at hand. Having been there observing Adele as she bowed in for the first 30 or so bows I was overtaken by humour and found myself uncontrollably laughing to the point my belly ached, because she was simply chatting and complaining non stop, then I had empathy and compassion; finally I was very impressed she kept going and has done so for the last 3 days.
For me despite that first day where I laughed and lost my centre I have been bowing simply for forgiveness and so when the bowing gets tough I remind myself of my purpose and I find new strength, I must also add Adele’s presence over the last 3 days has been good for the soul and as a result I have felt stronger. It’s an interesting phenomenon that when you bow by yourself its much more challenging than when there’s more of you bowing at the same time, it reminds me of the old saying united we stand and divided we fall, for me at least these past 3 days have confirmed that as a team working together we are much stronger and connected.
Until the next time.

To you all in great health



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