The Big Green

Let me introduce you to the Big Green. A sandwich like no other, you need to have your wits about you to step into the pantry with the Big Green. We first made this sandwich a couple of years ago and it only makes an appearance around this time of year as the Dinosaur Kale (black Russian) leaves, which we use in place of the bread are of a size that you can use.
Note: anything goes; I will list the ingredients I used, but not the quantities as its more fun creating it from a blank canvas with little structure or guidance to distract you from what you want to create.


Dinosaur Kale Leaves
Grated carrot
Grated apple
Sun dried tomatoes
Dressing – tahini, olive oil, Himalayan rock salt and apple cider vinegar


Take the ends of the kale leaves, ideally you do not want to have to much of the stalk left as its a bit of a workout for the teeth, gums and digestive tract. Prepare your dressing and spread on to one side of the kale leaf, add your ingredients as you desire, place the other kale leaf on top cut in half and viola. My wife literally started dancing after eating the Big Green, it’s a powerhouse for awesomeness.

There may have been other ingredients, the other day I made one and put chickpeas that I had cooked with a homemade curry sauce, it gave it a bit more muchness and spice to it. Get creative go on.

I would love to hear what kale sandwich creations you come up with.

To you in great Big Green Health

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach



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