Dehydrated Plantain Chips

This was an inspired idea from my wife who on her journey through Costa Rica and Central America fell in love with the plantain; the bananas big brother. Being a high raw family and hardly if ever using a frying pan to cook we wanted to see if we could make tasty snacks using a dehydrator and the plantain; making the snack super healthy. I am glad to report… Success.

It was a trial run and I made two batches a sweet and a savoury option. I also left one batch in for longer than the other to compare texture, taste and awesomeness.

Dehydrator (if you do not have a dehydrator you can use the very lowest setting of the oven, they will need less time as they will cook faster, but will still taste great).
Mixing Bowl

Sweet Batch Ingredients:
1 1/2 – Plantain
Sprinkle – carob powder
Sprinkle – xylitol (birch bark based sweetner)

Savoury Batch Ingredients:
1 1/2 – Plantain
Olive Oil
Himalayan Rock Salt
Apple cider vinegar
1tsp – curry powder

The sweet batch is very simple, cut your plantain into very thin slices and place on the dehydrator sheet and then sprinkle on the flavouring. For the savoury batch have a mixing bowl to hand and prep your marinade (I used a generous splash of the mentioned ingredients). Slice your plantain into small slices and place in the marinade and leave for about 10 minutes (for this reason it is best to prep the savoury batch first and make the sweet batch whilst the savoury batch is marinating). Place onto a dehydrator sheet and put both batches into the dehydrator. Set the dehydrator to 57 degrees (which we know is slightly above raw limits of 46 degrees) and leave to dehydrate for a couple of hours. I removed the first batch semi dehydrated and they were lovely, the second batch I left for an extra hour or so and they were fantastically chewy a real kid treat. Both were awesome, but if I had to choose I would go with the longer dehydrated batch that had a chewy texture, my wife and son however, loved the first batch which were semi dehydrated and not as chewy.


Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach


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