Bananarific Choc Chip Ice Cream

When we made the decision to go vegan we thought our ice cream days were behind us, that was thank fully not the case. First we discovered Booja Booja, which uses cashew nuts to make there ice cream and as the vegan years rolled by we have discovered many vegan alternative ice creams to the dairy version. Today’s recipe is one of those discoveries; we have made banana ice cream before and always felt it was a bit to sweet; we happened to come across a great tip from the Raw Food Mum Sarah Nolan who simply adds cacao nibs to her ice cream and voila bananarific Choc chip ice cream was born.

3 frozen bananas
1 cup of cacao nibs

We use a slow masticating juicer to send the bananas through, which makes a wonderful creamy ice cream texture, then add the cacao nibs mix and serve. Yum

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach


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