A Tale about a Pickled Onion

A tale about a pickled onion! Over the last couple of years the garden has become a place of discovery, potential and battle. It is the last of those 3 experiences; battle, that has led to this tale. For those who’s fingers are green may already know who a gardener takes to arms against! The snail and the slug.
Many onion seeds were planted and plenty of young onion seedlings grew; big enough to go into the ground and this is what I did, little did I know I had put them in front of the firing squad and sentenced them to snail cannon fodder, so I had to re think my approach.
My solution was simple, keep them in the seedling trays; this meant they would not grow very big and I had always loved pickled onions as a young lad and a grown man and so I thought lets try pickling the baby sized onions, I have never pickled anything before, but had always wanted to and so a new experience beckoned.
The tale ends with the baby onions being pickled in apple cider vinegar before making their way to a slice of sprouted rye bread, ready to be a great healthy, nutritious and home grown snack.
I have learnt a lot from our slimy friends, the first thing they are ruthless, they are a lot quicker than they are given credit for and as for persistence! Well they do not give up and that is a great lesson to learn.

The end.


Pickled Onions
Sprouted Rye Bread
Coconut oil
Apple cider vinegar


To pickle the onions I simply left them in apple cider vinegar for 2 days. Cut your Rye bread into slices, spread the coconut oil and add the other ingredients as your palate desires.


Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach


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