Super quick raw & simple

Okay so my raw super quick and simple snack as you may have guessed from the photo, is to simply take the stone from a fresh date and place as many blackberries as you can inside (I managed 4 for the one in the picture).
On a food combining front not a great idea and I also had a handful of sunflower seeds to accompany my date and blackberry romance, but life is about exploration and more often than not an ideal or rule will be broken. On a plus to the potential food combining minus the blackberries are wildly foraged today; natures gift and my have I been grateful.

Fresh dates (remove the stones)
Sunflower seeds

Remove the stone from the date, cram in your blackberries and with a handful of sunflower seeds send them on their merry way.

Ah the simple things

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach



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