3 C Smoothie Magic

The 3 C’s: Cherry, Coconut and Carob. These three magic ingredients along with some fresh dates made this amazing smoothie. It was not only the ingredients that made it amazing, but the quality of the ingredients! The coconut milk was home made using a slow masticating juicer, the cherries came freshly picked from a local farm, the dates are fresh and my one corner cut was the carob powder, that leaves room for improvement; next time I will get my very own carob beans and ground them down.

500ml – coconut milk
10 – cherries (remember to remove the stones)
3 – fresh dates (pitted)
1tsp – carob powder

Into a blender and whiz until smooth and beautifully blended, then serve in your favourite glasses and cheers to a great drink.


To you in great health

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach


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