Smoothie Challenge Finale

We have completed our 31 day green smoothie challenge which lasted the month of July. At first it was a simple banana, chard greens and hemp seed smoothie, however bananas did not agree with me. We traded in the bananas for watermelon and as the month passed different obstacles were faced; we went to my mums for a weekend, but we still managed it there it simply required some planning on our part. At one point during the month we had to use rocket as our choice of greens as we had not been to the shops, the rocket was from our garden and as such was much more peppery in flavour than our shop bought version; I must confess rocket and watermelon are a surprisingly complementary balanced flavour for a smoothie. At one point although there were greens in every smoothie not every smoothie was green in colour! It was the season for cherries and red currants mix those with watermelon and greens and well green was not the resulting colour.
We all feel better for having a daily smoothie and its a great way to get lots of awesome nourishment quickly into your body, on days when your energy was low all you needed to do was open the fridge or go into the garden grab your produce put the produce in the blender and hey presto salvation, an instant pick me up without the crash of stimulants. We have found I of such great benefit that we are simply going to keep on going with the smoothie revolution.
One tip for great smoothies is balancing your flavours: sweet, salty, sour, pungent, astringent and bitter along with balancing your food groups: carbohydrates, protein and fats. For example today we finished with the following green smoothie:

Hemp seeds
Slippery elm bark powder
Camu Camu berry powder
Spring green leaves
Fresh dates

Play around your know when it’s balanced; you will be left feeling balanced.


Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach


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