Wild Flower and Quinoa Salad

Wow the weather has been amazing and along with it the beautiful bounty of wild flowers. It was only a couple of years ago that I first braved eating a flower head and it was the beautiful yellow courgette flower that was to be my maiden voyage. Since then I happily nibble on almost every flower I see from dandelion to borage; when you are in for a treat the sweet nectar is still in the flower Yummy is all I can say, but to add to that I must also mention that whilst tasting the nectar brings a true rush of sweet sensations the true magic of flowers in the salad is found in the colours they bring; from yellow to blue, purple to orange, it truly becomes food for the eyes and your senses.

1 – cup of quinoa
Handful of wild flowers (yellow wild rocket, orange nasturtium and blue borage among others were present in this one)
Handful of wild rocket leaves and nasturtium leaves (both are very peppery)
1 – carrot (grated)
20 – green olives
1tbsp – sauerkraut
Dulse (quantity to your liking)

2-3 tbsp – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 pinch – sea or rock salt
1 tbsp – tahini
2 tbsp – Apple cider vinegar

Cook the quinoa (2 parts water to 1 part quinoa). I also cook the onions and mushrooms along with the quinoa. Make your salad dressing, prep your salad and then when the quinoa is cooked (fluffy) combine the two together and mix at this point add your wild flowers and enjoy.

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach


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