Day 9: Green Smoothie Challenge.

Hi everyone last week I posted a wonderful post on a delicious green smoothie and noted that I had used bananas as an ingredient; I also mentioned that bananas have been receiving bad press recently for many reasons including: making people angry, contributing to constipation and a host of other possible negative effects, one reason for these side effects maybe that bananas are classified as a ‘hybrid fruit’, which basically means they are no longer able to reproduce themselves and need human intervention for the species to survive. Depending on how old you are you may remember that bananas use to have black seeds in the middle of them, where have the seeds gone? Hence a hybrid fruit and when I was in Australia a while back we were near a banana plantation and the locals that we were staying with told us the farmers use growth hormones such as testosterone to increase the speed and size of growth. Those who are aware of the side effects of excess testosterone know that anger is one and one side effect of bananas is anger; coincidence!

I have since had to let go of the bananas I noticed that I was getting angry very easily and the anger rose so much that my nemeses Gout returned, which has meant the last 3 days i have been home bound, however, I let go of the bananas and changed them for watermelon and I also practiced Dahn Yoga meditation techniques and the inflammation (gout) has reduced quicker than ever before (I choose not to take medication to heal this disease, but I do use nettles both as a tea and to simply sting the inflamed area, nature always has the answer).

Here’s my new green smoothie (must admit this one comes out slightly browny orange due to the golden flax colour mixing with the green kale):


1 – big slice of Water Melon (use the skin as well)

4 – fresh dates (pitted)

6 – Kale leaves

1 – mug of homemade coconut milk (can brought from a shop is great)

1tsp – Flax seed

1tsp – slipper elm bark


Place it all into a high-speed blender and blend till smooth.

Pour, serve and enjoy.

Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach


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