Coconut Green Smoothie Magic

Myself and Adele are taking part in a 30 day green smoothie challenge and as a result we are slowly transitioning from our regular bowl of porridge in the morning to the more exotic smoothies however, everything takes time and i still love my porridge.

This particular recipe is very simple and easy to adapt to your liking. For some it may be to sweet so leave out either the honey or the dates; the bananas can be changed for mango, papaya, apples or even avocado. The greens can be simple using anything from spinach through to deep green leaves such as kale. When you get the balance right WOW a small sip of heaven and the good news is even if you get it wrong it’s still great for you, just your taste buds may be slightly offended.

The link below takes you to a short clip i made to demonstrate how to create an amazing green smoothie. One note: if you do not have a slow juicer like the one i am using in the video then you can use a blender followed by a nut milk bag (muslin cloth/cheese cloth) to strain, or buy a can of coconut milk from the shop. When there is a will there is a way.

Coconut Green Smoothie (you tube)


2 – Coconuts (replace with 1 can of coconut milk)

2 -Dates (pitted)

3 – Frozen Bananas

2tsp – hemp seeds

1tsp – wild forest honey

1 – pinch of rock or sea salt

1 – bunch of rainbow chard


to make the coconut milk you will need to coconuts; open them and rinse them, place the pieces of coconut into a litre of spring water and then pass through the slow juicer. If you are using a blender simply add to a blender and blend, then pass the contents through a nut milk bag.

Once you have the coconut milk the next part is real simple: add all the ingredients to the blender (ideally a high-speed blender as hemp seeds are used in this recipe) and blend until smooth. Pour into your favourite glasses and drink your small slice of heaven.


The bonus of using a slow juicer to make your nut milk is not only a greater yield, but you also get desiccated coconut, which you can use to add to almost everything. Awesome.

this smoothie kept me going for the best part of 4 hours with no need to have a snack or any fluid; I should mention I took part in an 1 hour yoga class in that time and did some long walks.

Some people may question the inclusion of bananas as they are receiving some bad press at the moment; they can contribute to candida and upset hormonal balance in the body leaving the emotion of anger in their wake, they can help with the relief  of constipation for some people, whilst others, have found bananas are the cause of their constipation. I personally have not eaten bananas for some time now and wanted to try it for myself to see how I would react; at the time of writing this post I am a happy man, but i will keep you posted on any changes.

Get involved in the 30 day green smoothie challenge. I would love to see your posts and creations, not to mention how it is making you feel and what changes you are noticing.

To you in great health

Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach



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