Wild Flower and Rocket Pesto Salad

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have recently joined a veg share scheme called Fork and Dig it and i mentioned i would share what I get up to in the kitchen with the wonderful, local, organic fresh produce. I am excited to begin with one of life’s simple pleasures the salad, when done well a salad is a wonderful treat to the senses and to do it well is not difficult! To begin you need only to understand one simple tip when it comes to creating a great salad ‘balance’. You need the colours, texture and taste to balance and when you achieve this you will never call a salad ‘boring’ again.
The following salad recipe has been created using the salad Items i received from the scheme this week and from the rocket growing in my garden, I also added sauerkraut which I purchased from the local shop (home made sauerkraut is a real treat and better for you, but not always available).
What I love about this salad is it is full of colour so it starts feeding the senses straight away; I love how simple it is to make and how great it tastes, I also love how great a simple salad can make you feel.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (roughly 2 tbsp)
Apple Cider Vinegar (roughly 1 tbsp)
Himalayan rock salt (1pinch)
Handful of Rocket
Handful of Basil leaves
1 clove of garlic


A bunch of mixed salad leaves
2 celery stalks
1 carrot
Wild Flowers
Hemp Seeds


Prepare the dressing first by placing the olive oil, salt and apple cider vinegar into your salad bowl; using a chopping board chop the garlic, basil and rocket till fine, then add to the salad bowl and mix well.
Simply chop the salad ingredients and add to the bowl. Personally I like to grate the carrot and I only use the flower heads of the broccoli, but its at this point you can be as creative as you like. Mix everything together; serve and enjoy.

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach



3 thoughts on “Wild Flower and Rocket Pesto Salad

    • Thanx for the comment and yeah add some flowers to a salad and its amazing what happens, ah the simple things. Loved your post, i did a sugar detox for 7 weeks a couple of years back and my energy levels were through the roof; i have been sugar conscious ever since although i must admit to falling of the wagon many times, but i now remember to get back on. All the best.

      • It’s definitely tricky, especially in foreign countries (I’m now in Turkey) because you can’t ask what’s in things, or when you are someone’s guest because it feels too rude to refuse it. I commend you for being sugar-conscious! 🙂

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