Lemon and Lime Noghurt

As the title suggests; this recipe is a vegan version of yoghurt. The following YouTube video shows you how easy and quick this recipe is to make:

Lemon and Lime Noghurt Demo


1/2 – Lemon (juice)

1/2 -Lime (juice)

4-6 – Dates (remove the stones)

3 – Cardamon Pods

1 – pinch Himalayan Rock Salt

250 – 300ml – spring water

2 – avocados


sprinkle of Buckwheaties (dehydrated buckwheat)

sprinkle of sprouted Hemp Seeds


Put everything into a high-speed blender; turn the blender on and away you go. Pour into bowls or glasses of your choice, put your sprinkles on top and enjoy.

Note: to make a thicker noghurt add a handful of cashew nuts or a tablespoon of coconut oil to the recipe, leave in the fridge for a couple of hours and viola.


To you all in great health

Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach



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