Hemp Magic Milk

Hemp Magic Milk Demonstration

Click the above link to watch the demonstration on how to make the milk.


Hurom Slow Juicer (can use a blender and then squeeze liquid through a muslin cloth).

seed sprouter



100g – Sprouted Hemp Seeds

100g – Almonds (Soaked)

50g – Sunflower Seeds (soaked)

4 – Cardamom Pods (Soak)

2 – Fresh dates (stones removed)

1 – pinch Himalayan Rock Salt

300ml – spring water

note: the above quantities of hemp, almonds and sunflower seeds are estimates, you can add more or less.


The hemp seeds need at least 2 days to sprout, the almonds, cardamom and sunflower seeds will require about 4 hours pre soaking and discard this water.

Put all ingredients into the bowl of water and then send through the juicer, serve and enjoy.


 Hemp is an amazing plant it has so many uses apart from being a food source including; making paper, ropes, canvas and clothes. Below is a link to an article that explores the amazing power of hemp in greater detail. 


Since writing the above article it has also come into my awareness that hemp is a planet saver. Brendan Brazier in his book Thrive Foods: 200 vegan recipes explains. “To produce enough beef to match the pre-calorie micro nutrient level of hemp seed, 51.9 times more arable land would be needed.” Arable land is the land space that is used for raising crop to feed humans and livestock; currently over 60% of that land is used to raise livestock! As I said Hemp is a planet saver as we would not need to cut down the rain forests to feed the world.


Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach



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