Raw Flax Pizza Crumble

The other day I opened the cupboards and decided to do a spontaneous savoury dish, I was not sure what I was creating or how it would turn out and in the end it was worth sharing so here it is with one note to take into account I am not sure of the quantities I used but I will give a rough guess to the quantities used:

Equipment Needed:
Coffee grinder

30 – 60g – Flax Seed
20 – sundried black olives
3 – leeks
10g – black sesame seeds
20 – 40g – sunflower seeds
5g – Cumin Seeds
2 – pinches of sea salt
A glug of olive oil
Inspiral Pizzeria Seasoning
8 – 10 – chestnut mushrooms

Grind the flax and cumin seeds in the coffee grinder, chop the leeks into small pieces and then add everything to a mixing bowl except the mushrooms, mix together and then spread the mixture onto a dehydrator sheet. Chop the mushrooms into slices of your choice then place them on top of the mixture. Dehydrate for up to 6 hours on 115 degrees then serve with a salad and enjoy. I went for a real simple salad mixing rainbow chard, grated carrot, beet root and fennel with an olive oil, sea salt and apple cyder vinegar dressing.

It came out more like a crumble hence adding it to a salad but it tasted great.


Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach



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