Lemon and Ginger Raw Mousse

This is a lovely refreshing raw mousse.
Being cold the vitamin C from the Lemon will keep your immune system strong, the warmth and stimulation of ginger and the healthy fats of the avocado make this a rawsome treat that promotes great health and vitality.

2 – Avocado
2 – inch pieces of fresh ginger
2/3 – freshly squeezed organic lemon juice
5 – fresh dates
1 – pinch sea salt
300ml – spring water

Cacao Nibs

Real simple add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend till smooth, pour into serving bowls add your cacao nibs and either enjoy or leave in the fridge for a later date.

Before adding the mixture to your bowls taste to see if its sweet or sour enough for your liking, we’re all uniquely different, for me the above quantities provided a subtle lemon and ginger flavour and was not to sweet. If you want more of anything add then blend and then serve.

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach



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