Raw Flax Pizza Crumble

The other day I opened the cupboards and decided to do a spontaneous savoury dish, I was not sure what I was creating or how it would turn out and in the end it was worth sharing so here it is with one note to take into account I am not sure of the quantities I used but I will give a rough guess to the quantities used:

Equipment Needed:
Coffee grinder

30 – 60g – Flax Seed
20 – sundried black olives
3 – leeks
10g – black sesame seeds
20 – 40g – sunflower seeds
5g – Cumin Seeds
2 – pinches of sea salt
A glug of olive oil
Inspiral Pizzeria Seasoning
8 – 10 – chestnut mushrooms

Grind the flax and cumin seeds in the coffee grinder, chop the leeks into small pieces and then add everything to a mixing bowl except the mushrooms, mix together and then spread the mixture onto a dehydrator sheet. Chop the mushrooms into slices of your choice then place them on top of the mixture. Dehydrate for up to 6 hours on 115 degrees then serve with a salad and enjoy. I went for a real simple salad mixing rainbow chard, grated carrot, beet root and fennel with an olive oil, sea salt and apple cyder vinegar dressing.

It came out more like a crumble hence adding it to a salad but it tasted great.


Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach



Lemon and Ginger Raw Mousse

This is a lovely refreshing raw mousse.
Being cold the vitamin C from the Lemon will keep your immune system strong, the warmth and stimulation of ginger and the healthy fats of the avocado make this a rawsome treat that promotes great health and vitality.

2 – Avocado
2 – inch pieces of fresh ginger
2/3 – freshly squeezed organic lemon juice
5 – fresh dates
1 – pinch sea salt
300ml – spring water

Cacao Nibs

Real simple add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend till smooth, pour into serving bowls add your cacao nibs and either enjoy or leave in the fridge for a later date.

Before adding the mixture to your bowls taste to see if its sweet or sour enough for your liking, we’re all uniquely different, for me the above quantities provided a subtle lemon and ginger flavour and was not to sweet. If you want more of anything add then blend and then serve.

Matt Allen
The Yoga Health Coach


An Earthy Meal of Many Roots

Being spring I would usually side with salads, fruits and light hydrating meals however, this is no ordinary spring, we seem to be stuck in Winter for the time being and so with that being the environment I am compelled to adapt, so in comes a nice earthy meal to keep us warm, grounded and revitalised.

Were making a two course meal here so the method will come after I have provided the ingredients for the two courses:

Parsnip Soup with Pearl Barley, Cashew Nuts and slight hint of Spice.


300g – Parsnips (roughly 2)

50g – Cashew Nuts

1 cup – Pearl Barley

Soup Sauce:

3 – Cloves of Garlic

1 – tsp of Paprika

1 – tbsp of Coconut Oil

1 – pinch turmeric

3 – pinches of sea salt

2 – tbsp Garam Masala

Side Salad:IMG_0185

1/2 head of Brocolli

1 – Carrott

1 – Beetroot

1/4 – Kholarabi

Salad Dressing:

Glug of Olive Oil

2 – tbsp Apple Cyder Vinegaar

pinch of Sea Salt

Inspiral Furitaki Superfood Sprinkle


Bring a large pan of water to the boil then let it simmer and add the barley return to the boil and then leave to simmer for up to 55 minutes.

Whilst the barley is cooking we can prep the rest of the food. In your salad bowl pour in the salad dressing ingredients, then chop and add the broccoli. Grate the the rest of IMG_0184the vegetables and add to the salad bowl and mix all the ingredients together.

Prep the parsnips by peeling, washing and then dicing, weigh the cashew nuts and keep these ingredients to the side until the barley has been cooking for roughly 30 minutes then add these ingredients to the pan for the final 20 – 25 minutes depending on how soft (cooked) you like them however, if you overcook them you do loose a lot of the nutrition.

IMG_0186Time to make the soup sauce, we begin by chopping the garlic very finely, you can use a frying pan but I am not a fan of the chemicals they line the frying pans with so I simply use a stainless steel pan. Either way line the pan with water and place over a high heat add the coconut oil, once the oil has melted add the garlic followed by the spices, keep on a high heat for roughly 45 second and then add to the Soup.

The fun part clean up. Ok not so fun but whilst you still have 10 minutes or so of cooking time you can get through most of the cleaning up.

Ready to serve and enjoy


be creative add and take away ingredients as you like.

Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach