Kale Chips


Equipment Needed:

Dehydrator (you can use the bottom shelf of an oven on a low setting).


  • Kale – 2 Bunches
  • Olive Oil – A glug
  • Apple Cyder Vinegar – A Glug but not as much as you did with the oil
  • Inspiral Cafe Pizzeria Seasoning – a generous helping to suit your taste buds. This seasoning contains dried kale, baobab, cashew, onion, nutritional yeast flakes, flax seeds, sumac, Himalayan sea salt, oregano, basil and black pepper.

This recipe depends upon how many chips you want to make. You only want enough oil and vinegar to coat not soak the kale leaves, as for the seasoning you season to your liking.


Using a big bowl place the glug of oil and vinegar at the bottom, then begin to remove the amount of kale you want to use from the their stalks/stems and place into the bowl with oil and vinegar, add your seasoning and mix all the ingredients together.

Place on a dehydrator sheet and set your dehydrator to 115, it will take between 2 – 4 hours to dehydrate depending on how much Kale you have used. If you do not have a dehydrator then the bottom of an oven on low setting will do the job just grand.

Place into a bowl and share them around.


Matt Allen

The Yoga Health Coach




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